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How to detect leakage of helium?

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How to detect leakage of helium?
Latest company news about How to detect leakage of helium?

In the equipment and plant, there are often some parts where pipes are connected in pairs. There may be small holes at the sealing parts of these places that are hard to be detected by the naked eye. If you do not pay attention to them during use, it will lead to leakage and thus cause accidents. Especially in semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and other important electrical equipment and high-end instruments, good sealing can determine the normal use of the instrument, so leakage detection is very important! There are various leak detection instruments on the market. The most common carrier gases are nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, etc. Everyone must have heard of helium leak detection. How does helium leak detection work?


Since helium is the second lightest inert gas smaller than hydrogen, it will vertically diffuse upward in the natural state. Inject helium into the tested pipeline. If there is leakage point in these equipment, we can detect helium outside the pipeline through monitoring instruments. This is the method of helium leak detection in the pipeline.


How to detect the leakage of helium for some high-end and small electronic components? The element to be detected is placed in a container filled with helium and pressurized. Under the action of pressure, if there are leakage points in these components, helium will inevitably enter the components through these small holes. After a small amount of residual helium on the element surface is purged with compressed air, the mass spectrometer is used to detect the leakage of helium on the element surface. It should be noted that the price of helium is not cheap, and the cost of a helium leak detection is naturally not low.


How to detect the leakage of helium? Helium leak detection is to use the small molecule of helium to easily enter those holes that are not detected by the naked eye, and use the monitoring instrument to detect the leakage of helium in the holes.

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