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China Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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Thanks for the delivery and of course for the equipment itself. The shipment went well and the test-equipment is now here and ready to be used (see picture). First impression is very good and installation as well as first test run were successful. Even the swiss plug has been assembled at the power cord. :-)

—— Mr. Martin Kaempf

Dear Anglia, Thanks for your e-mail! Yes, we received the Impact hammer 2 days ago! It seems to working well ;) If there are any further requests, by our side, we will contact you again!

—— Dirk Fleischer

Shipment and delivery went without issue. Equipment is well-constructed and professional looking. It performs as specified. Thank you for all of your help, it was a pleasure working with you.

—— Brian Schroeder

Dear Lily,Thanks for your mail and follow-up!Yes, the products are fine, thanks!Have a nice weekend

—— Michael Larsen

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Latest company news about HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Halloween, on November 1 every year, is a traditional Western festival; On the eve of Halloween, October 31 is the busiest day of the festival.

Halloween is the most "haunted" time of the year. All kinds of ghosts, pirates, extraterrestrial visitors and witches come out one after another. Before the Christian era, the Celts held a ceremony at the end of summer to thank God and the sun for their kindness. At that time, diviners lit and practiced witchcraft to drive away the demons and ghosts that were said to roam around. Later, the harvest festival, which the Romans celebrated with nuts and apples, was integrated with the Celtic harvest festival on October 31. In the Middle Ages, people wore animal shaped costumes and scary masks to drive away ghosts in the night on Halloween. Although Christianity took the place of Celtic and Roman religious activities later, the early customs remained. The children wore various costumes and masks to participate in the Halloween party with a playful mentality. The walls around these parties were often hung with paper pasted witches, black cats, ghosts and bones, and the windows and doors were hung with grinning or hateful pumpkin lanterns.

On the eve of Halloween, children will carry pumpkins, wear all kinds of strange clothes, go door to door to ask for candy, and keep saying: "trick or treat" If you refuse to give candy, the children will be very angry and punish you in various ways, such as dumping garbage in your home and so on, until you are willing to give them candy. But traditionally, people would dress up as fairies and beg for food from house to house. Their belief is to give the elves worship and food to please them, otherwise these elves will make fun of them, such as: chimney blockage, cattle and sheep lost, being thrown yellow bud white and so on. Another way to fool or scare away these evil spirits is to dress up like them. They believe that they will not hurt them.


You never know what might happen on Halloween. Wait until dark for some spooky surprises.
Hope your Halloween is masked with spooky fun ... just as mine.


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